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    Action 23 is looking for you! (maybe)


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    Action 23 is looking for you! (maybe) Empty Action 23 is looking for you! (maybe)

    Beitrag von divynation Sa 5 Dez - 21:07

    Action 23 is looking for you! (maybe)  

    You are good at it: Living, doing things, clapping your feet while standing on your head, psychonautics, mental avionics or neuro-mantics?  

    Then you should watch out for us, we might want you.  

    We need well-trained specialists in the following professions to implement subversive activities:    

    ●  Classically trained spaßgeriljerⓐs  
    ●  Antiterrorists  
    ●  Chaotes  
    ●  Phools  
    ●  Activitists  
    ●  Chaos nuns (chuns) / chaos monks (chonks)  
    ●  Knights cobblar  
    ●  Exdoctrinated chaos magicians  
    ●  Really high priests  
    ●  Mindhackers  
    ●  'Pataphysicians  
    ●  Zenarchists  
    ●  Psycho-logicians  

    You should bring along:  

    ●  Well-trained five senses (there was a german pun about senses here, but it was nonsense)  
    ●  High kenacity  
    ●  Faith in the goddess Eris (will be contributed by us if necessary)      
    ●  Faith-jumpers possible (preferably SubGenii, Pastafarians, Dudeists, also other obscure sects welcome)  
    ●  Craftsmanship (Bavarian fire drilling, spinning yarn, pulling strings, digging reality tunnels) - no must-have, but welcome  
    ●  Ambitious dilletantism (desenrascanço)     Total confusion or equivalent expertise  

    What we offer: Not much, but still...
    ●  DisOrganizational resources  
    ●  Network development possibilities  
    ●  A lot of experience in carrying out half-baked actions  
    ●  And the Ultimate Illumination™ or something.  

    ...which is still more than nothing.  

    Brainwashing on demand.  

    If you are interested, please fill out the questionnaire or personally show up at one of our virtual fivline presences.


    or join us on Facebook --> www.facebook.com/Aktion23

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