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    Planetary Magic Eris


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    Planetary Magic Eris Empty Planetary Magic Eris

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    Planetary Magic Eris
    3184 YoLD

    What is planetary Magic?

    Planetary magic describes working with the energies of the planets, like working with the elements. The
    planets have been attributed a special power since time immemorial, and so it is that we also work with
    them in rituals. In addition, our magical work can be guided by astrology and the planetary hours. Priority
    is given to the 7 planets of antiquity, which are: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, but also
    the other planets of our solar system, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto and more recently Eris. And of course the
    earth. Astrology has found numerous correspondences and assignments for the planets that we can follow.

    What does a planetary Ritual look like?

    Each planet has its own symbol, so you could work with these, too. In addition, the planets are also
    assigned plants, stones, etc., which you can then use.
    Last but not least, you can also deal with the gods, after which all planets were named. It's not quite the
    same, but somehow it is, especially since they all share the same aspects.

    Octave Eris

    An octave is to designate beside the real planet tones, the higher vibration of the planets and that each
    planet in our solar system with another, in connection stands. Thereby the outer planets are considered as
    the higher octaves of the inner planets. So Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, Neptune that of Venus
    and Pluto that of Mars.
    Planetary Magic Eris 300px-10

    So far so good, if there would not be more "planets" in our solar system.
    Sun, moon and earth possess therefore no higher octave, why also always (I know it, because
    just...). Astrologically, however, sun and moon also still count as planets and thus one could assign Jupiter
    and Saturn to them as their higher octave. What seems to me also very coherent. (Jupiter is the higher
    vibration of the sun and Saturn that of the moon).

    Now, however, the thing is that the earth possesses no octave and there the goddess comes into play, I
    maintain and that is also to be assumed, that Eris, the higher vibration of the earth is!
    Rules on our planet, nevertheless, an enormous creative force of the chaos and what else so.
    And so our solar system can be (re)arranged quite finely.
    Planetary Magic Eris Erisia10

    To the Overview:

    Sun - Jupiter
    Mercury - Uranus
    Venus - Neptune
    Earth - Eris
    Moon - Saturn
    Mars - Pluto

    Six pairs are formed.

    Hexagram erisian octaves
    Planetary Magic Eris Hexagr10

    Twelve star erisian octaves
    Planetary Magic Eris Zwzlfs10

    Discordian Planetary Ritual

    Make a costume of a chosen planet out of foam and go into a padded cell, scribbling the planet symbols all
    over its walls. Then imitate the sound of the planet and start bouncing. To the left to the right, up and
    down, just don't be afraid to jump against the walls. Feel like the planet that's out there, going around in
    circles, bouncing off a comet or two, but never straying from its target. The energy generated by your
    crazy jumping around and the mighty power of the planet will support you in your endeavor.

    Erisian Series

    Cribbed from the "Chaldean Series", the Erisian Series clarifies that each day is assigned a daily regent,
    with whose forces can be worked.
    Planetary Magic Eris Erisia11

    With it you come well trough the week!

    The 12 Planets of Sugar

    You must understand! Make one into ten and let two go and make three equal, so you are rich. Lose the
    four! From five and six, says the witch, make seven and eight, so it's done: and nine is one, and ten is
    none. That's the witch-one-one!

    That's the formula that nobody understands anyway and has no relation to the planets, but maybe the
    solution lies with them. While you rack your brains over it, I explain the 12 planets of the sugar after the
    candywitchen rules. By the way, I'll also give you the new planet symbols merged with the symbol of Eris.

    Planetary Magic Eris Sonneb10

    It is the driving force, without it we would not be able to make most of the sweet stuff,
    because it is fire and therefore its main tool is the oven.


    Planetary Magic Eris Merkur10

    Mercury is the butterscotch of our solar system and good when it comes to moving teeth,
    i.e. communication.


    Planetary Magic Eris Venus10

    Venus is the planet of love and therefore its sweetener is the juicy sweet red apple.


    Planetary Magic Eris Erde10

    The earth is the creator of all life and therefore also of all sweets.


    Planetary Magic Eris Mondbl10

    The moon is white like powdered sugar, with it you can simulate moon dust. It represents
    the night and the unconscious/subconscious.


    Planetary Magic Eris Mars10

    Mars was named after the bar, of course! Cream-filled, it wins all battles by throwing the
    bar at the opponents' heads.


    Planetary Magic Eris Jupite10

    Jupiter is in reality a giant apple strudel and at the same time consists of delicious lattes.
    He represents prosperity and abundance.


    Planetary Magic Eris Saturn10

    The Lord of the Rings is the Lord of Lollipops, with him you learn patience and devotion.


    Planetary Magic Eris Uranus10

    Uranus is the querolant among the planets and thus it stands for all hearty delicacies.


    Planetary Magic Eris Neptun10

    Mr. Universe represents all sweets with bright blue color. He symbolizes the water.


    Planetary Magic Eris Pluto10

    Pluto stands for transformation, a characteristic with which most treats first come into


    Planetary Magic Eris Eris10

    Eris and her candied apple are responsible for the organizational stuff. Without them, you
    can't get anything baked!

    That first as suggestion, I stop to find also own associations. Find your own additions. You can find more in
    the manual for the Discordian planetary oracle.

    Fusion Eris

    The planet symbols fused with the symbol of Eris.
    Planetary Magic Eris Fusion10

    The Takeover of the Solar System
    Hail Eris, All Hail Discordia!

    Planetary Magic Eris Sol10
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