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     00AG9603 Post-Neoist Meta-Discordian Conspiracies What

    00AG9603 main goal is to help you create your "own" Dataplex, a large and bestial hydra made of data and bits, that can devour anyone who is certain enough that can confront its wildly incomprehensive and cryptographic nature. A dataplex is therefore a cryptosophical entity, that connects people through hypercomplex semio-occult means, hypnotizes others with its enigmatic knowledge and datanets, inspiring all the open minds that enter in contact with it to explore further into the absurd.
    An effective dataplex must work like a higher dimensional spider web, capturing data that comes in contact with its occult nets, twisting and folding everything it touches into continuously moving hyperplanes. it is fed with data, ideas, emotions, dreams... it melts every being that dreams to be solid and finite into an amorfous fluid of efervescent chaos. Therefore, every sentient being can get affected by the forces that comes out of a dataplex. The ability of self-reflection, self analysis and a continuous process of folding itself into layers of incomplete meaning, is what defines a sentient being, the primary target of a dataplex. The first time you acknowledge its existence and sees yourself questioning it, is when you are already infected by its web, unable to make sense of it. Your existence will be fractured, your emotions will be melting into an oniric soup, and all your life will be stripped away from that which you call "I", only to be born again as a hypercomplex web of multiple agents/forces/affects, a fractal-being.
    Every single thing in all that exists, is a dot of its own, a lonely and inutile unidimentional point in space. Every connection between things, dualities and paradoxes are of two dimentional complexity, they retain two simultaneous polarities that can only be understood through points of reference. Start expanding vertices as you meld into other dots, and other links, lines, cells... create a vast and rich data ecosphere around your fractal-being, expand, glitch and hack the world around you until you start forming a complex polytope, an alive and incomprehensible dataplex, lost in an infinite flight towards the great unknown.
    first it eats like a `̼•. .\u25aa` ̼ʳˢ̸̷̶̾ͭͣͨ҉҄ ̼̬.`⁄


    About Dataplex and 00AG9603 machinations in a open web network of informations




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    Call yourself Timoteo Pinto/Sarah Gulik/Lucretia Dalencourt/Bruces Vain! Do everything in the name of Meta-Discordian-Post-Neoism!


    "Post-Neoism is Neoism with Discordian characteristics, which is different from Meta-Discordianism, which it's Discordianism with Neoist characteristics" - The Fixer


    Discordian Babel – a collection of different interpretations on discordianism



    It´s always 6 o’ clock on Galdrux


     00AG9603 Post-Neoist Meta-Discordian Conspiracies Galdrux



    What is Galdrux?

    It can never be described in language, but it may be another name for what Jewish mystics call Ein Sof, and which Gary Lachman describes as follows: At Kabbalah’s heart is the relation between creation, the finite, physical cosmos, and its infinite, unmanifest source, called the Ein-Sof, which means ‘limitless’ or ‘unending’. This is a sphere or dimension of what we can call ‘negative existence’, which really means that it is a plane of reality that our finite human minds are incapable of comprehending, and not merely a simple emptiness. The Ein-Sof is so ‘other’ than what we normally perceive as reality, that we cannot make positive statements about it. Any positive statement about it, would, by definition, be a limit on it, and as it is limitless, cannot apply.
    This negative existence has parallels in other spiritual traditions. It is the Neti-Neti (‘not this, not that’) of Hinduism, the sunyatta or ‘void’ of Buddhism, the Pleroma of the Gnostics. It is even part of the Christian faith. The Athanasian Creed, in use in Western Christianity since the sixth century, declares that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are ‘uncreated’ and ‘unlimited’, and in more than one place in scripture we are told that God ‘has neither body nor parts’. It is at the heart of the negative theology of Meister Eckhart, forms the Ungrund of Jacob Boehme’s difficult alchemical writings, and can be found in the Nichts or ‘positive nothingness’ of Martin Heidegger’s ‘fundamental ontology’ and his predecessor Hegel’s tortuous dialectic.
    In more scientific terms, a similar idea, but without the spiritual connotations, seems to be present in the way scientists talk about the state of things ‘before’ the Big Bang. I put ‘before’ in quotation marks because, according to most accounts, there was no ‘before’ before the big bang, a confusing situation, to be sure. A kind of non-manifest ‘ground’ of our everyday reality also seems to be involved in the ‘implicate order’ of the physicist David Bohm. There are other expressions of the idea, but I think this will suffice for now.

    Gnosis of Galdrux

    The Dead came back from Angalsama, where they found not 
    what they sought. They prayed me let them in and besought 
    my word, and thus i began my teaching. 
    Harken: I begin with nothingness. Nothingness is the same as 
    fullness. In infinity full is no better than empty. Nothingness is both empty and full. As well might ye say anything else of nothingness,as for instance, white is it, or black, or again, it is not, or it is. A thing that is infinite and eternal hath no qualities, since it hath all qualities. 
    This nothingness or fullness we name the Anticosm . 
    Therein both thinking and being cease, since the eternal and infinite possess no qualities. In it no being is, for he then would be distinct from the anticosm, and would possess qualities which would distinguish him as something distinct from the anticosm. 
    In the anticosm there is nothing and everything. It is quite fruitless to think about the anticosm, for this would mean self-dissolution. Creatura is not in the anticosm, but in itself. The anticosm is both beginning and end of the created beings. It pervadeth them, as the light od the sun everywhere pervadeth the air. Although the anticosm prevadeth altogether, yet hath created being no share thereof, just as wholly transparent body becometh neither light nor dark through the light nor dark through the light which pervadeth it. We are,however , the anticosm itself, for we are a part of the eternal and the infinite. 
    But we have no share thereof, as we are from the anticosm infinitely removed; not spiritually or temporally, but essentially, since we are distinguished from the anticosm in our essence as creatura, which is confined within time and space.Yet because we are parts of the anticosm, the anticosm is also in us. Even in the smallest point is the anticosm endless, eternal, and entire, since small and great are qualities which are contained in it. It is that nothingness which is everywhere whole and continuous. Only figuratively, therefore, do I speak of created being as part of the anticosm. Because, actually, the anticosm is nowhere divided, since it is nothingness. We are also the whole anticosm, because, figuratively, the anticosm is the smallest point (assumed only, not existing) in us and the boundless firmanent about us. But wherefore, then, do we speak of the anticosm at all, since it is thus everything and nothing? I speak of it to make a beginning somewhere, and also 
    to free you from the delusion that somewhere, either without or within, there standeth something fixed, or in some way established, from the beginning. Every so-called fixed and certain thing is only relative. 
    That alone is fixed and certain which is subject to change. 
    What is changeable, however, is creature. Therefore is it the one thing which is fixed and certain because it hath qualities: or as even a quality itself.The question ariseth: How did creatura originate? 
    Created beings came to pass, not creatura: since created being is the very quality of the anticosm, as much as non-creation which is the eternal death. In all times and places is creation, in all times and places is death. The anticosm hath all, distinctiveness and non-distinctiveness. Distinctiveness is creatura.It is distinct. Distinctivness is its essence. and therefore it distinguisheth. Wherefore also he distinguished 
    qualities of the anticosm which are not. He distinguisheth them out of his own nature. Therefore he must speak of qualities of the anticosm which are not.What use, say ye, to speak of it? 
    Saidst thou not thyself, there is no profit in thinking upon the anticosm? That said I unto you, to free you from the delusion that we are able to think about the anticosm. When we distinguish qualities of the anticosm, we are speaking from the ground of our own distinctiveness and concerning our own distinctiveness. But we have said nothing concerning the anticosm. Concerning our own distinctiveness, however, it is needfull to speak, whereby we may distinguish ourselves enough. Our very nature is distinctiveness. If we are not true to this nature we do not distinguish ourselves enough. Therefore must we make distinctions of qualities.What is the harm, ye ask, in not distingusihing oneself? 
    If we do not distinguish, we get beyond our own nature, away from creatura. We fall into indistinctiveness, which is the other quality of the anticosm. We fall into the anticosm itself and cease to be creatures. We are given over to dissolution in nothingness. This is the death of the creature. Therefore we die in such measure as we do not distinguish. Hence the natural striving of the creature goeth towards distinctiveness, fighteth against primeval, perilous sameness. This is called the PRINCIPIUM INDIVIDUATIONIS . This principle is the essence of the creature. From this you can see why indistictiveness and non-distinction are a great danger for the creature. We must, therefore, distinguish the qualities of the anticosm. The qualities are PAIRS OF OPPOSITES , such as -The Effective and the ineffective. 
    Fullness and Emptiness. 
    Living and Dead. 
    Difference and Sameness. 
    Light and Darkness. 
    The Hot and the Cold. 
    Force and Matter. 
    Time and Space. 
    Good and Evil. 
    Beauty and Ugliness. 
    The One and the Many.The pairs of opposities are qualities of the anticosm which are not, because each balanceth each. As we are the anticosm itself, we also have all these qualities in us. Because the very ground of our nature is distinctiveness, which meaneth -
    1. These qualities are distinct and seperate in us one from 
    the other; therefore they are not balanced and void, but are effective. Thus are the victims of the pairs of opposites. The anticosm is rent in us.
    2. The qualities belong to the anticosm, and only in the name and sign of distinctiveness can and must we possess and live them. We must distinguish ourselves from qualities. In the anticosm they are balanced and void; in us not. Being distinguished from them delivereth us.
    When we strive after the good or the beautiful, we thereby forget our own nature, which is disinctiveness, and we are delivered over to the qualities of the anticosm, which are pairs of opposites. We labor to attain the good and the beautiful, yet at the same time we also lay hold of the evil and the ugly, since in the anticosm these are one with the good and the beautiful. When, however, we remain true to our own nature, which is distinctiveness, we distinguish ourselves from the good and the beautiful,therefore, at the same time, from the evil and ugly. And thus we fall not into the anticosm, namely, into nothingness and dissolution. 
    Thou sayest, ye object, that difference and sameness are also qualities of the anticosm. How would it be, then, if we strive after difference? Are we, in so doing, not true to our own nature? And must we none the less be given over to the sameness when we strive after difference? Ye must not forget that the anticosm hath no qualities. We create them through thinking. If, therefore, ye strive after difference or sameness, 
    or any qualities whatsoever, ye pursue thought which flow to you our of the anticosm: thoughts, namely, concerning non-existing qualities of the anticosm. Inasmuch as ye run after these thoughts, ye fall again into the anticosm, and reach difference and sameness at the same time. Not your thhinking, but your being, is distinctiveness. Therefore not after difference, ye think it, must ye strive; but after YOUR OWN BEING . At bottom, therefore, there is only one striving, namely, the striving after your own being. If ye had this striving 
    ye would not need to know anything about the anticosm and its qualities, and yet would ye come to your right goal by virtue of your own being. Since, however, thought estrangeth from being, that knowledge must I trach you wherewith ye may be able to hold your thought in leash
    In the night the dead stood along the wall and cried: 
    We would have knowledge of god.Where is god? Is god dead? 
    God is not dead. Now, as ever, he liveth. God is creatura, for he is something definite, and therefore distinct from the anticosm. God is quality of the anticosm, and everything I said of creatura also is true concerning him. 
    He is distinguished, however, from created beings through this, 
    that he is more indefinite and indeterminable than they. He is less distinct than created beings, since the ground of his being is effective fullness. Only in so far as he is definite and distinct is he creatura, and in like measure is he the manifestation of the effective fullness of the anticosm.
    Everthing which we do not distinguish falleth into the anticosm and is made void by its opposite. If, therefore, we do noy distinguish god, effective fullness is for us extinguished. 
    Moreover god is the anticosm itself, as likewise each smallest point in the created and uncreated is anticosm itself. Effective void is the nature of the devil. God and decil are the first manifestations of nothingness, which we call the anticosm. 
    It is indifferent wether the anticosm is or is not, since in everything it is balanced and void. Not so creatura. In so far as god and devil are creatura they do not extinguish each other, but stand one against the other as effective opposites. We need no proof of their existence. It is enough that we must always be speaking of them. Even if both were not, creatura, of its own essential distinctiveness, would forever distinguish them anew out of the anticosm.
    Everything that discrimination taketh out of the anticosm is a pair of opposites. To god, therefore, always belongeth the devil. This inseparability is as close and , as your own life hath made you see, as indissoluble as the anticosm itself. Thus it is that both stand very close to the anticosm, in which all opposites are extinguished and joined.
    God and devil are distinguished by the qualities of fullness and 
    emptiness, generation and destruction. EFFECTIVENESS is 
    common to both. Effectiveness joineth them. Effectiveness, therefore, standeth above both; is a god above god, since in its effect it uniteth fullness and emptiness. This is a god whom ye knew not, for mankind forgot it. We name it by its name GALDRUX . It is more indefinite still than god and devil. That god may be distinguished from it, we name god HELIOS or sun. Galdrux is effect. Nothing standeth opposed to it but the ineffective; hence its effective natyre freely unfoldeth itself. 
    The ineffective is not, therefore resisteth not. Galdrux standeth above the sun and above the devil. It is improbable probability, unreal reality. Had the anticosm a being, Galdrux would be its manifestation. It is the effective itself, nor any particular effect, but effect in general.
    It is unreal reality, because it hath no definite effect. 
    It is also creatura, because it is distinct from the anticosm. 
    The sun hath a definite effect, and so hath the devil. 
    Wherefore do they appear to us more effective than indefinite 
    Galdrux. It is force, duration, change.
    The dead now raised a great tumult, for they were Christians.. 
    Like mists arising from a marsh, the dead came near and cried: 
    Speak further unto us concerning the supreme god. Hard to know is the deity of Galdrux. Its power is the greatest, because man perceiveth it not. From the sun he draweth the 
    summum bonum ; from the devil the infimum malum : but from Galdrux LIFE , altogether indefinite, the mother of good and evil.
    Smaller and weaker life seemeth to be than the summum bonum ; wherefore is it also hard to conceive that Galdrux transcendeth even the sun in power, who is himself the radient source of all the force of life. Galdrux is the sun, and at the same time the eternally sucking gorge of the void, the belittling and dismembering devil.
    The power of Galdrux is twofold; but ye see it not, because for your eyes the warring opposites of this power are extinguished. 
    What the god-sun speaketh is life. What the devil speaketh is death. But Galdrux speaketh that hallowed and accursed word which is life and death at the same time. Galdrux begetteth truth and lying, good and evil, light and darkness, in the same word and in the same act. Wherefore is Galdrux terrible. It is splendid as the lion in the instant he striketh down his victim. It is beautiful as a day in spring. It is the great Pan himself and also the small one. It is Priapos. It is the monster of the under-world, a thousand-armed polyp, coiled knot of winged serpents, frenzy. It is the hermaphrodite of the earliest beginning. It is the lord of the toads and frogs,, which live in the water and gets up on the land, whose chorus ascendeth at noon and at midnight. 
    It is abundance that seeketh union with emptiness. 
    It is holy begetting. 
    It is love and love`s murder. 
    It is the saint and his betrayer. 
    It is the brightest light of day and the darkest night of madness. 
    To look upon it, is blindness. 
    To know it, is sickness. 
    To worship it, is death. 
    To fear it, is wisdom. 
    To resist it not, is redemption.
    God dwelleth behind the sun, the devil behind the night. What god bringeth forth out of the light of the devil sucketh into the night. But Galdrux is the world, its becoming and its passing- Upon every gift that cometh from the god-sun the devil layeth his curse.
    Everything that ye entreat from the god-sun begetteth a 
    deed from the devil. Everything that ye create with the god-sun giveth effective power to the devil. That is terrible Galdrux. It is the mightiest creature, and in it the creature is 
    afraid of itself. It is the manifest opposition to the anticosm and its nothingness. It is the son`s horror of the mother. 
    It is the mother`s love for the son. It is the delight of the earth and the cruelty of the heavens. Before its countenance man becometh like stone. Before it there is no question and no reply. 
    It is the life of creatura. 
    It is the operation of distinctiveness. 
    It is the love of man. 
    It is the speech of man. 
    It is the appearance and the shadow of man. 
    It is illusory reality.
    Now the dead howled and raged, for they were unperfected.
    The dead filled the place murmuring and said; Tell us of gods and devils, accursed one! The god-suun is the highest good, the devil its opposite. Thus have ye two gods. But there are many high and good things and many great evils. Among these are two god-devils; the one is the Burning One , the other the Growing One . The burning one is EROS , who hath the form of flame. Flame giveth light because it consumeth. The growing one is the TREE OF LIFE. . It buddeth, as in growing it heapeth up living stuff. Eros flameth up and dieth. But the tree of life groweth with slow and constant increase through unmeasured time. Good and evil are united in the flame. Good and evil are united in the increase of the tree. In their divinity stand life and love opposed. Innumerable as the host of the stars is the number of gods and devils. Each star is a god, and each space that a star filleth is a devil. But the empty-fullness of the whole is the anticosm. The operation of the whole is Galdrux, to whom only the ineffective standeth opposed. Four is the number of the principal gods, as four is the number of the world`s measurements. One is the beginning, the god-sun. 
    Two is Eros; for he bindeth twain together and outspreadeth himself in brightness. Three is the Tree of Life, for it filleth space with bodily forms. Four is the devil, for he openeth all that is closed. All that is formed of bodily nature doth he dissolve; he is the destroyer in whom everything is brought to nothing.
    For me, to whom knowledge hath been given of the multiplicity and diversity of the good, it is well. But woe unto you, who replace these incompatible many by a single god. For in so doing ye beget the torment which is bred from not understanding, and ye mutilate the creature whose nature and aim is distinctiveness. How can ye be true to your own nature when ye try to change the many into one? What ye do unto the gods is done likewise unto you. Ye all become equal and thus is your nature maimed.
    Equalities shall prevail not for god, but only for the sake of man. For the gods are many, whilst men are few. The gods are mighty and can endure their manifoldness. For like the stars they abide in solitude, parted one from the other by immense distances. Therefore they dwell together and need communion, that they may bear their separateness. For redemtion`s sake I teach you the rejected truth, for the sake of which I was rejected. The multiplicity of the gods correspondeth to the multiplicity of man. Numberless gods await the human state. Numberless gods have been men. Man shareth in nature of the gods. He cometh from the gods and goeth unto god. Thus, just as it serveth not to reflect upon the anticosm, it availeth not to worship the multiplicity of the gods. Least of all availeth it to worship the first god, the effective abundance and the Summum bonum. . By our prayer we can add to it nothing, and from it nothing take; because the effective void swalloweth all. The bright gods form the celestial world. It is manifold and infinitely spreading and increasing. The god-sun is the supreme lord of the world. The dark gods form the earth-world. They are simple and infinitely diminishing and declining. The devil is the earth-world`s lowest lord, the moon-spirit, satellite of the earth, smaller, colder, and more dead than the earth. There is no difference between the might of the celestial gods and those of the earth. The celestial gods magnify, the earth-gods diminish. Measurelesss is the movement of both.


    Galdruxing Manifesto

    Galdrux having no prior cause, cannot be contained by any other form of being. Galdrux is orbed around all; possessing, but not possessed, holding all, but nowhere held. Galdrux is omnipresent; at the same time, Galdrux is not present, not being circumscribed by anything; yet, as utterly unattached, not inhibited from presence at any point.
    Galdrux is present through all, not something of Galdrux here, and something else there, nor all of Galdrux gathered at some one spot; there is an instantaneous presence everywhere, nothing containing, nothing left void, everything therefore fully held by Galdrux.
    Galdrux is not in the universe, on the contrary, the universe is in Galdrux; bodily substance is not a place to Galdrux. Galdrux is contained in the mental multiverse and is its container. The mental multiverse is in turn contained in something else; but that prior principle has nothing in which to be. All the rest must be somewhere, and where but in Galdrux?
    Galdrux, then, is neither remote from things nor is there anything containing Galdrux; since Galdrux contains all. It is in Galdrux that all things have their being, all depending upon Galdrux, who enables each to rise up above itself into the fruitfulness of continuous becoming.
    Don’t search for this multiple singular. If you do, you will not find Galdrux and your understanding of the work of the mental multiverse will become mired in confusion. You must form an idea of the thing to be grasped standing cleanly by itself, the unheld in which all have hold; for no other is such, yet one such there must be.
    Galdrux’s being is not limited, nor, on the other hand, is it infinite in the sense of magnitude. Galdrux does not change and will not fail, and in Galdrux all that is unfailing finds duration. Having no constituent parts, Galdrux accepts no pattern, forms no shape.
    You can’t hope to see Galdrux with mortal eyes, nor in any way that could be imagined by those who make sense the test of reality and so annul the supremely real. For what passes as the most truly existent is in actuality non-existent, while this unseen Galdrux is the principle of being and as such is sovereign over reality.
    You must turn appearances about or you will be left void of insight. The specialist who holds that their particular discipline is more real than the spontaneous creativity of the mental multiverse, will never see Galdrux. While perception of Galdrux can be blocked by ideology, it is nonetheless inherently present amongst all. Galdrux, the most consummate being, always surpasses those who have abandoned becoming.


    Omega is the gate to anticosm


    Omega is the gate to anticosm, a personification of Galdrux path. This is why he is described as having "stupendous" beauty and a "strange and exquisite soul".
    While Galdrux is a god, he has much more power than just being a god. He can even change into any other god, although Galdrux' power is weaker than those of any other other god. However, he does have a weakness for killing, as he tried to kill the human queen, Mephiron. Galdrux could not do it, his soul, was sealed inside of Mephiron.
    Galdrux also had control over reality itself. His soul could alter reality and make it happen in his favour, although he usually had to kill his opponents after the manipulation of reality. Galdrux was able to use his soul to create and shape any shape of reality.

    A true Galdruxian is a anti-Galdruxian


    A true Galdruxian is not the one who seeks to fit in a pre-made label, or who seeks fullfilment joining in a cult that may give him a feeling of belonging. No! The Galdruxian is the lunatic that seeks more than what he can have!, is the one who dare to spit in the face of all saints, all wisdom, all gods and sacred traditions, even the scientific ones.
    A true Galdruxian is a anti-Galdruxian, cause the mindset of a follower of the great spider is so full of contradictions and paradoxes, that categorization is impossible to be made.
    The Galdruxian seeks much more that mere escapism or ''fun'' (in the most mundane sense, i say). He prefers taking extremes, and be a atemporal anacronism, a uncanny spot in the middle of ordinary reality.
    Reality, lets talk about reality. What is the point of view of a Galdruxian about the so called ''reality''? i could make a extense dissertation about ontological and epistemological concepts, but making things clear: Galdruxians don't understand, and don't care the thing people call ''reality''. For a Galdruxian, its about point of view and utility. One Galdruxian may ask ''That point of view is useful, needed, or ''fun'' in that given situation? if yes, apply, if no, discard''. Simple like that. For a Galdruxian, the way we interpret things is more a tool than a absolute truth. In general, a Galdruxian don't find attractive the idea of falling of a high altitude, or stand in the front of a moving car. He knows its more likely he will die making those sort of things, and in general, even with metaphysical paradigms, die is seem like a useless and incovinient thing, them, in these situations a Galdruxian may prefer to choose a normal point of view about reality. But in the conceptual world, the world of ideas which float above our heads, changing the way we live and interact with other people? These concepts that some people may call objective truths, even when they are just arbitrary conclusions about the world? These the Galdruxians will find pleasure in ignore. Even the most mundane man can understand that some ideas in the conceptual world are nothing more that assumptions that certain people or group of people make, but most of them just ignore what their society don't consider to be truth, and rarely question their own group of ideas and paradigms. Galdruxians like to distort and forget even the simplest concepts, for the sake of a more interesting life.
    But its important to note, that even with the contraditory and mad nature of Galdrux, they still have a final goal.
    We are not a collective of teenager brats trying to make a revolution just for the sake of it, or lazy presumptuous artist who stay behind their exotic creations to seek fame, when they are just regular folk. Galdruxians are those mad people psychologists have a hard work to say if they have a disease or not, those vague entities we dont know much about,those people who say absurd things and go againts every established norm, even the ones the subversive peoples tolerate. All the madness and confusion Galdruxians make is not just for their own delight, but serves for a central purpose, a cosmic purpose. The end of all things, the death of universe. The creation can only happen with the end of the old things. Galdruxian sacrifice their own flesh, sanity, and humanity for the rebirth of the real chaos, the structure of the cosmos will be replaced by a new one, in which each counsciouness will walk like gods, like ancient archetypes and forces of nature. Galdruxians practices are not silly games, like they may look quite often, but a complicated spiritual path, seekng a much more complete enlightment that the one offered by other traditions, in which slavery and suffering are rules to obtain the divinity. Galdruxians admit they already are gods, and the idea of inferiorty impled by other religions are utterly useless for them. Obedience is the law of the current false universe.
    The means Galdrux will use their servants to accomplish that final goal is not know, but a Galdruxian know that each act of subversion against the nature and the laws of humans and the universe its a step futher to the end of the know universe and the begining of the new one.


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    “Welcome to the most ancient conspiracy on the planet. We’ve gone for so long now that we don’t remember what we were doing, but we don’t want to stop because we have nothing better to do.” - Fire Elemental


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    "Stick apart is more fun when we do it together." - St. Mae

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    We give you the truth! We shove it in your faces, we’re in the movies, songs, comic books, found in all narratives... We tell you what we're going to do before we do it... yet, the vast majority of the human population choose to invent their own versions of reality... like they can somehow choose what is real and what is not... This age old plan of the Gods cannot be undone! Do they expect to see the world they want and wonder why it isn't... Why?
    This is an age old dream! You cannot simply alter your destiny! Everyone is gridlocked in place! Every possible outcome has been addressed... Still, is it true that the masses will attain our level of consciousness and with this expanded awareness, will they reshape the face of the Earth? Will they see that the true Illuminati, the hidden, ascended masters had their best interest in mind and heart the whole time? We had to wear bleak, sinister and horrifying masks in order to inscribe ourselves upon the heart’s of men.. We took this limited understanding of us as exoteric, that those power corrupt, might not find us.
    We must remain a secret, however, we do welcome but a few of you into the invisible college.. We’re waiting on these new children to first blossom into understanding about us! With this knowledge in the heart of the masses, our future looks bright! Do not be deluded, we were meant to rule and without us, Earth will descend into darkness! May the coming Galactic Imperivm look upon humanity with favor, as we ascend, as one, beyond the stars of “God!” We are ever watchful and have been guiding and directing you from the very beginning!

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