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    The Loonatics


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    The Loonatics Empty The Loonatics

    Beitrag von divynation Mi 6 Jan - 8:42

    The Loonatics

    The Loonatics Darklo10


    The Loonatics are all free Candywitches that do not belong to any of the Coven and are attracted to the darker Side of Loony.

    The Loonatics Loonat10

    Satanic Loonatic

    The Satanic Loonatics are the Highflyers, the really free Candywitches, because they fear nothing or anyone. They give a Fuck of everything.

    The Loonatics Satani10

    Dark Loonatic

    The Dark Loonatics are afraid of nothing more than themselves. There is nothing worse than them. They are the Incarnations of ancient Monsters, trapped in the body of a young Witch.

    The Loonatics Darklo10

    Luciferian Loonatic

    The Luciferian Loonatics are those who guard and represent the Teachings of Lucifer. They stand up for their Affair, till the Devil come out.

    The Loonatics Lucife10

    Shamanic Loonatic

    The Shamanic Loonatics are characterized by their wild Dances and Celebrations, they practice Combat Magic, are Dream Travelers and much more, such as Herbalists and Narcotics Experts.

    The Loonatics Shaman10


    Voidwalkers use Aspects of classic Horror Characters for their Magic. Voidwalkers are usually Witches who have been so severely traumatized that they have detached their Soul from their Body to cope with the Suffering they have suffered. This makes them magically invisible Entities.

    The Loonatics Voidwa10

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